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Prairie Vacation Day 1 & 2

Yesterday morning Kate and I left for a quick vacation to the prairie. Here are things I have learned:

North Dakota is a long ways away. In North Dakota, there are not leaves on the trees yet. There are lakes in every field where there should be crops. The sun doesn't go down until 9:15. When I'm cold enough to need a jacket, locals are happy in shorts. I'm sure I'll learn more soon.


We spent last night and this morning in Fargo. I like that town. Quite a bit. We stayed at a hotel off the interstate on points, and ate at vegan cheese at Xtreme Pizza right around the corner. You, however, should stay at the Donaldson right downtown. We saw Super at the renovated Fargo Theatre downtown. It is, umm, yeah. I bought You're a Horrible Person But I Like You at Zandbroz Variety before we left town.

Then we drove to Bismarck making sure to stop at the World's Largest Buffalo and the World's Largest Sandhill Crane on the way. There were some lovely hills en route.

Bismarck, seems to be a craphole. Downtown is abandoned and useless. Finding anything vegan here is ridiculous. We had dinner at Olive Garden. The grounds of the state capitol are kinda nice. Tomorrow we'll visit a few parks and then head down to a cabin in the Black Hills.

All the photos are on Flickr.

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